9 Ways to Lose Weight With Little Effort in the Kitchen


Follow these simple steps to lose weight faster then before. It’s really easy and makes you more prepared for your weight loss goals.

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Rice cake with peanut butter and banana

rice cracker

I’m always trying to find new substitutes for my cravings, which most often arise in the evening after dinner. Almost every night I get a cup of tea to take my mind off chocolate. Most of the time I have something on the side to chew on while watching television. The most common things are an apple or an orange.

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10 Ways to Stop Your Cravings


Now there are almost two weeks since I stopped eating sweets and other unhealthy food. It has been easier than I had thought beforehand but I would be lying if I said that there haven’t been times when I REALLY wanted chocolate.

I think of chocolate as my real true craving. Every night after dinner I think about chocolate and it’s really hard for me to stay away from it. Doesn’t matter if it’s white, dark or with milk. If it has peanuts or coconut. Or if it’s in a cake or a pie. I love it no matter how it is served.

So I started thinking about what cravings really are. How is it defined? Do I really have craving or is it something else? And what can I do to stop my cravings ?

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14 reasons people don’t exercise


We all know that exercise is good for us and we all try to get into some exercise routine now and then throughout our lives. But why does it feel so hard to keep up with it and stay on that track?

Here you can find a list of reasons why people don’t exercise regularly. I know for my part that I have used more than one of those excuses. More than once and more than twice…

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Control your blood pressure – Control your life

world health day

Annually on April 7 the World Health Day is celebrated. Each year a theme is selected which is a great health concern around the world. This year the theme is high blood pressure, otherwise known as hypertension.

The aim of this day is to try to make people more aware of sedentary lifestyle and give them some recommendations on how to live their life more healthier so they can prevent hypertension and other related diseases.

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